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Reproductive health

ADONIS private fertility clinic is the incarnation of your reproductive health care and safety for more than 23 years.

Thousands of beaming parents are happy to provide their experience and emotions about cooperation with ADONIS center for reproductive health. If you are ready to change your life and bring the new life into the world – we are always happy to be your medical partner!

From the full range of submitted offers in the sphere of reproductive health, everyone can definitely choose the best variant of the complete continuum of medical care.

ADONIS provide the best quality in the list of directions:

  • IVF treatment
  • Surrogacy
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery

Experience and professionalism

ADONIS medical staff consists of real professional and experienced specialists. Your full treatment process is always well-planned and monitored by the entire ADONIS team to ensure your well-being and good staying.

The total number of ADONIS Fertility doctors is more than 13 skilled experts in the field. With dedicated work and result orientation, our medical staff is the pride of ADONIS and the whole country. You can be sure of the top quality treatment you get – hardline experience and professionalism is the ADONIS hallmark.

Multistage protection

The latest technologies and qualified equipment of ADONIS helps to provide the clients the best quality medical treatment on the market (in comparison with different clinics such as olive fertility clinic). ADONIS maintains the high level of accuracy at each step of the process.

ADONIS ‘own embryo laboratory is constructed in compliance with European standards and is always in demand among other companies to assist and help in different kinds of laboratory tests and services.

Microscopes, laminar boxes, high quality embryo development environment, world-famous manufactured lasers (ORIGIO, K-SYSTEM, ESCO, NIKON), special air-filtration system – the full package of the latest technologies are included, which points out the high-qualification level of the ADONIS fertility clinic.

With the help of ADONIS own cryobank your safety is always under control and care. The wide range of storage offers are provided for you.

ADONIS own cryobank provide:

  • Male and female gametes storage
  • Embryos storage
  • Custom bank of sperm and ovum donors
  • Special storage vessel with liquid nitrogen

The multistage protection is the guarantee of your successful treatment, because ADONIS envisages every aspect and ensures the ideal service during your treatment process.

You are always welcome to have the special consultation with the accessible information and comprehensive support even after your full recovery. With the individually adapted treatment plan – you get a personal coordinator to help you in many different areas (from the donor selection to translation services).

ADONIS is the choice of happy people. Your health and future wellbeing is our priority, that’s why we do our utmost to provide the best quality medical treatment for the affordable prices. Just decide to begin the new healthy and happy life. ADONIS fertility clinic is waiting for you!


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