Thursday, February 9

Is a Dog Wellness Plan Worth it?

A common question when faced with whether or not you want to obtain a wellness plan for your dog is ‘is it worth it?’. Many of us decide against purchasing the Dog Wellness Plans – Optimum Wellness Plans because we simply cannot afford it. Out pet does not need to visit the vet that frequently and we hate to admit it but we don’t take him as much as we should. However, there are many times when checking the box to approve these wellness plans are beneficial.

So, When is a Wellness Plan Beneficial?

So, when are these plans needed? Simple. When you spend hundreds of dollars at the vet’s office yearly already. Dogs who have hereditary conditions, illnesses or who need to be monitored because of old age are typical patients that obtain the wellness packages offered. Now, it is worth mentioning that even though many of us feel like we do not need these plans, at some point we will. All of our dogs will age and get ill and when they do, knowing that a wellness plan for our best friend is out there will be glorious.

There are many common conditions that affect dogs. Utilizing these plans could be beneficial to those who are diagnosed with reoccurring conditions. Many of these conditions include things like allergies or other inflammatory conditions. You can find a full list of common medical issues for dogs here.

Do I Need This Plan?

Whether you need the plan or not is simply up to you and your particular pet situation. Having the plan is a benefit for many people who have multiple pets, sick pets or pets diagnosed with medical conditions. Those who have elderly pets also find the plans to be useful. The dog wellness plan can also be used for puppies in terms of checkups and shots. However, everyone’s situation is different.

Understanding Preventative Care

Now that we have seen both sides of who typically has the wellness plan package and who maybe would not worry so much about having the wellness plan package, it is essential that we reference preventive care. Preventative care refers to an array of conditions that are “prevented” by regular Veterinarian visits for your dog. Deadly and devastating parasites and illnesses can plague your dog in a manner of days. By using a wellness plan to combat the price of preventative care, you not only help your dog stay healthy, you also help your wallet from draining. Check out some routine and preventative care procedures through this link.

Most Veterinarians, regardless of price, recommend that all pet owners use some type of insurance or wellness plan for their dog. It is always wise to follow a doctor’s advice. After all Vets are trained in caring for your pet. Take a look around at some of the wellness plans and packages that are offered through various companies to find the best package for you and your dog.

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